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March 2019 ISSUE

The Magician's Garden

It’s a very old trope in fantasy stories and games: the wizard or healer who needs an incredibly rare, delicate, or deadly flower, leaf, root, or bark for a critical bit of magic, and the plant from which it grows may only be found an inconvenient distance away. It may be that the spell is so rarely [...]

March 2019 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: A Celebration of Many Things

Our annual Reader’s Poll came to a close last month as six finalists for our best cover and story of 2018 competed against one another in a second round of voting. Each and every one of these works would have been a worthy winner.
Finalists for Best Story

“Dandelion” by Elly Bangs (September)
“The Anchorite Wakes” by R.S.A. [...]

February 2019 ISSUE

The Butcher of New Tasmania

This episode features “The Butcher of New Tasmania” written by Suo Hefu. Published in the February 2019 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine and read by Kate Baker.

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February 2019 ISSUE

The Butcher of New Tasmania

Mail type: L-1\regular mail (audio file)
Confidentiality ranking: 0
Sender: Larry Wu, Ministry of Justice A-3190 Detainment Center
Recipient: Confederation Justice Emergency Relief and Special Pardon Committee
Respected Committee Members:
I trust that all of you, upon receiving this message, already have a suitable understanding of my case. I should note [...]

February 2019 ISSUE

Mother Tongues

“Thank you very much,” you say, concluding the oral portion of the exam. You gather your things and exit back into the brightly lit hallway. Photos line the walls: the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu. The sun shines on each destination, the images brimming with wonder. You pause before the Golden [...]

February 2019 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Finalists, Translations, and Awards

There’s a lot to cover this month so I’m going to dive right in. We held a two-day nomination period for the Clarkesworld Magazine Reader’s Poll in January. Similar to last year, the shortened nomination phase appears to have minimized the attempts at ballot-stuffing without any significant impact on the total number of participants. It [...]

December 2018 ISSUE


It’s the first day of December which means out goes all those pesky oranges—no more pumpkin pies, gobbling turkeys, and angular pilgrim hats. Instead, the world around Chunfei shifts to snow, piles of it on the ground and reindeer that soar across the azure skies, free of clouds. Rows of candy canes line her view. [...]

December 2018 ISSUE

Bringing Down the Sky

The wind howls over Big Sky Ridge.
Flecks of sour rain fall from the sky, and we waste no time putting on our breathers to ward off the stinging droplets. We look for smog sign—up, down—valley and sky. The sky-smog is always the trickiest to manage—especially on wet days, when the moisture brings it lower towards [...]

December 2018 ISSUE

Master Zhao: The Tale of an Ordinary Time Traveler

Master Zhao was punctual today, heading my way across the withered, yellow lawn. I checked the time on my phone: 2:30 PM on the dot. He swerved to avoid an ad-covered utility pole, raised a hand in greeting, and placed my boxed lunch on the bench beside me.
“Master Zhang,” he said, “eat it while it’s [...]

December 2018 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: A Note to End On

You might be wondering why there’s only one reprint this month. Earlier this year, I mentioned that I wanted to phase out the reprints and replace them with more original content. We’re still a good way from reaching the subscription milestone that will allow us to make that change, but we’re slowly moving in the [...]