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November 2018 ISSUE

Another Word: Klingon Time Management

Today is a good day to write!
With Halloween in the rearview and the other momentous end of year holidays not quite gnawing at our ankles, some of you are naturally going to turn your thoughts to NaNoWriMo. For anyone who hasn’t heard of this ancient challenge, the basics are: you write a 50K novel in [...]

July 2018 ISSUE

Another Word: Your Life is Epic!

I once caught a burglar and made twenty bucks.
I can winnow Twenty Dollar Burglar down to a pretty boring story. Here’s the tl;dr: I once had a minimum wage job at an all-night answering service. Some of the gig was answering 24-hour hotlines, mostly for engineering firms that serviced the Alberta oil patch. The rest [...]

October 2017 ISSUE

Another Word: Grains of Salt, Lumps of Gold

Overthinking everything is a cheap hobby. There’s no start-up cost, and you don’t need a library card to do the research anymore, because Internet. It doesn’t require heavy equipment, so you can do it on the bus or the beach.
When I encounter a shiny new idea or a radically different new perspective on something, what [...]

May 2017 ISSUE

Another Word: The Elizabeth Effect

Story creates alternate realities.
The laws of our universe, as we imperfectly understand them, are where these realities begin, yet the results are not always bound by those rules. This is especially true in the literature of the fantastic, of course, and it’s something I don’t really need to tell Clarkesworld readers. 
So, why am I? Because [...]