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January 2018 ISSUE

The Lighthouse Girl

March 12, 2027
My name is Ling Rourou . . . right Papa? Yes, I am Ling Rourou. Today I am seven years old. Papa’s name is Ling Dong. He gave me this mini laptop as my birthday present. Papa says all I have to do is open it and speak into it, and everything I say will be [...]

January ISSUE

Everybody Loves Charles

Our fourth podcast for January is “Everybody Loves Charles” written by Bao Shu and read by Kate Baker.

icon for podpress  Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 112 - Everybody Loves Charles by Bao Shu [149:10m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (44001)

Originally published in Chinese in Science Fiction World, September 2014.
Translated and published in partnership with Storycom.

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January ISSUE

Everybody Loves Charles

He shot into space, free as a fish that had leapt away from the sea’s embrace.
Gazing down through Pegasus’s porthole, he saw the receding grey metropolis, then the amber suburbs, and finally the green fields and yellow deserts, all quickly submerged beneath a sea of clouds. By the time he emerged from the clouds, the [...]

September 2015 ISSUE

Preserve Her Memory

One o’clock in the morning. Heavy rain.
Ye Lin, her clothes drenched, stands at the edge of the roof of the three-hundred-story Future Tower. She shivers uncontrollably as the gale, whipping freezing rain, slices across her skin like an ice knife. From her perch more than a kilometer aboveground, she surveys the city that never sleeps, [...]