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February 2019 ISSUE

Another Word: Stories that Change the World

I run an online writing school, and part of that means coming up with new class ideas, ones that interest and engage and allow people to find new tools for their writerly use. Classes such as How to Write Steampunk and Weird Western, Using Literary Techniques in Genre Writing, and How to Write Flash Fiction. [...]

June 2018 ISSUE

Another Word: The Future, Ordinary

I love me a space epic full of improbability drives and warp mechanics as much as any science fiction reader, and I’ve written more than a few stories in that milieu, gleefully flinging about concepts like living spaceships, FTL, and galaxy-spanning brains. But I will admit that my affection is most firmly claimed by quieter, [...]

March 2018 ISSUE

Another Word: Saving Throw Vs. Boredom: How RPGs Taught Me Storytelling

Last year I returned to one of my old loves. I’d put it aside for a while: things were busy, there was never time, it took so much energy from writing efforts. And then a friend asked about it and, well . . .
I speak of tabletop role-playing games, and the empress of them all, Dungeons & Dragons. [...]

August 2017 ISSUE

Another Word: The Subtle Art of Promotion

The old perception of how publishing works goes something like this: the author delivers the finished work to their publisher, goes through a few editing passes, and after that, their responsibility is done, aside from having to appear wherever the publisher or their agent books them. There’s room for the reclusive genius in this model: [...]

March 2017 ISSUE

Another Word: Reading For Pleasure

I have a friend—more than one of them, really—who complains about having encountered a phenomenon that I personally would consider a fate worse than death. They are always writers, and they complain that “writing has spoiled reading for them.” They’re just too aware of the mistakes, they say. The nuts and bolts are way too [...]

August 2016 ISSUE

Another Word: Peacetalk, Hate Speech

Clarkesworld was kind enough to solicit another essay and so, I’ve been mulling over what to say and letting that reflection guide my reading. A particular reread finally moved me to start jotting things down, prompted by the wealth of empty-headed and hateful rhetoric that’s marked some of the recent dust-ups, certainly in the sphere [...]

May 2016 ISSUE

Left Behind

Her office doorway was one of the many things that annoyed Shi about her job. It wasn’t a proper door, one that could be closed, but an open arch. She’d complained about it more than once, but been told that doors were antithetical to the institute’s brand.
“It signifies openness,” the director had said, smiling effulgently. [...]

May 2016 ISSUE

Left Behind

Our first podcast for May is “Left Behind” written by Cat Rambo and read by Kate Baker.

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December 2015 ISSUE

Another Word: On Reading, Writing, and the Classics

In many ways I’m glad that I didn’t have the Internet when growing up; among them is the effect it had on my reading. I was a rapid reader and I read all over the place, frequently re-reading if it was something interesting or I was driven to it by boredom and lack of other [...]

January 2015 ISSUE

Another Word: #PurpleSF

The recent bizarre events of Gamergate have had me musing about feminism a lot in the past few months. (If you’re unfamiliar with the Gamergate phenomenon, it’s a recent controversy among video gamers that different sides have said is about different things, but which, no matter what you believe, seems to involve a great deal [...]