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Science Fiction & Fantasy







March 2019 ISSUE

High Seas, Multiple Selves, and Unspoken Songs: A Conversation with Sarah Pinsker

A single-author collection of short stories allows for a unique peek into the mind of the writer. You get to explore worlds that have developed through different mind-sets and times. Whereas a novel is a singular coherent work of storytelling, it can only reflect one small piece of the many universes swirling around within an [...]

February 2019 ISSUE

Cable Cars, Explosions, and Life-Sized Griffins: A Conversation with Suzanne Palmer

When looking up at the stars, we’re often consumed with thoughts of the technology and science that launch us beyond the confines of our terrestrial world. Space also makes us think of adventure, excitement, exploration, fun, and the endless possibilities of an ever-expanding universe.
Suzanne Palmer’s Finder captures all the best aspects of a science fiction [...]

January 2019 ISSUE

The Meisner Technique, Alien Consciousness, and Bathrobes: A Conversation with Wesley Chu

In an era where every aspect of our online and public lives is being tracked, the last remaining bastion of privacy might only be within our own minds. But what happens when an alien invader takes up residence within your consciousness, hears your thoughts, and can occasionally control your body? That’s something Wesley Chu has [...]

December 2018 ISSUE

37 Rejections, Language Obsessions, and Dance: A Conversation with Rich Larson

Quality and quantity are typically mutually exclusive. Bulk bought food is typically packed with partially hydrogenated filler while a uniquely tasty plate of haute cuisine is one of a kind. But sometimes, rarely, quality and quantity go hand in hand.
Rich Larson’s Tomorrow Factory is his first collection of short fiction. It assembles the wide variety [...]

November 2018 ISSUE

Genetics, Spores, and Automation: A Conversation with Nancy Kress

Humans have been mucking around with the genetics of animals and plants for thousands of years through artificial selection. But at what points have we gone too far? What happens when a team of zealots with PhDs in science utilize their knowledge to decimate the Earth using nothing but a microbe? That’s what Nancy Kress’ [...]

October 2018 ISSUE

First Contact, Fantasy, and Cooperation: A Conversation with Steven Erikson

Humanity has unconsciously defined itself as the lone intelligence in the universe. From our attitudes toward other species, to our own sometimes overblown sense of self-importance. For all intents and purposes, many of us believe that the universe revolves around us—until it doesn’t.
Steven Erikson’s new novel Rejoice, A Knife to the Heart tackles a question [...]

September 2018 ISSUE

Mars, Sextants, and Puppets: A Conversation with Mary Robinette Kowal

Mars is so close, yet it seems so far. The red planet has always been a mystery—inspiring scientists, authors, and stargazers. It may come as a surprise that we already have the tech to put people on that rust colored planet, but it simply comes down to will and wealth. For now, it’ll have to [...]

August 2018 ISSUE

Augmentations, Assassins, and Soundtracks: A Conversation with Emily Devenport

As we continue to receive images from exploration vehicles launched years ago from deep within our own solar system, our imaginations look farther into the black abyss of space. Once we’ve finished pillaging this planet, or this planet is finished with us, will there be another home floating out there? How will we get there [...]

July 2018 ISSUE

Dependent Intelligence, Humanism, and a City in a Paragraph: A Conversation with James Patrick Kelly

The human aspect can often be overlooked in genres concerned with generation ship space battles, warring factions of angels, or titans of industry fighting for mining rights on the moon. When an author reigns in the trappings of science fiction and fantasy to make it hit closer to home, to focus on the human element, [...]

June 2018 ISSUE

Book covers, Moorcock, and The Mexicanx Initiative: A Conversation with John Picacio

The visual arts and genre fiction have always evolved together. Beautiful art complements a story while the story can help a reader find a deeper appreciation for an artist’s brushstrokes. One inspires the other and vice versa.
John Picacio has long been one of the premiere artists working in science fiction and fantasy publishing. His work [...]