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July 2019 ISSUE

Fractal Universes, Serialized Novels, and a Cat: A Conversation with Yoon Ha Lee

A well-worn fictional universe is something to love. When you’ve spent countless enjoyable pages exploring the depths of nebulas and far flung planets, you find yourself occasionally wanting to go back after the last page has been turned. Thankfully, authors love to dip back in and explore their universes almost as much as we do.
Diving [...]

July 2019 ISSUE

Byzantium, New York, and Rose Petals: A Conversation with Arkady Martine

Marrying history and a far-flung future results in a partnership unique to science fiction. It allows authors and readers alike to explore the past, present, and potential future all at once. Like the best science fiction, it allows us to examine where we’ve been and where we may still go as [...]

June 2019 ISSUE

Time Threads, Epistolary Novels, and Collaboration: A Conversation with Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

Time is a slippery thing. So are stories. They intertwine. So when a story tackles time, and you invest your time in tackling that story . . . things get very interesting.
Red and Blue slip along time threads. They’re on different sides of a war unlike any you’ve ever seen. They leave notes for one another, chiding and [...]

May 2019 ISSUE

Black Holes, Artifacts, and Mysteries: A Conversation with Jack McDevitt

Mixing archeology and mystery with science fiction makes for a heady and addictive reading experience. Jack McDevitt’s latest entry into his Alex Benedict series of novels, Octavia Gone, starts when an artifact goes missing from Gabe’s collection which leads the group to investigate the strange disappearance of a group of scientists from a space station [...]

April 2019 ISSUE

Syria, Time, and Typewriters: A Conversation with Jack Skillingstead

Wishing to change the past is a common thought we all entertain. Whether it is to right a wrong, avoid regret, or to extend a kindness we didn’t have time for at the moment, hindsight provides a view of the good, the bad, and the murky. Messing with timelines has long been a popular topic [...]

April 2019 ISSUE

Shadows, Swordplay, and Ballroom Dancing: A Conversation with Anna Kashina

Most of us are prone to flights of fantasy. We imagine ourselves capable heroes of a mythical kingdom full of mystery, intrigue, swordplay, and magic. But fantasy stories are often shackled by shadows of elves, rings, and medieval knights. When a fantasy novel brings ideas both new and surprising, it’s worth celebrating.

Anna [...]

March 2019 ISSUE

High Seas, Multiple Selves, and Unspoken Songs: A Conversation with Sarah Pinsker

A single-author collection of short stories allows for a unique peek into the mind of the writer. You get to explore worlds that have developed through different mind-sets and times. Whereas a novel is a singular coherent work of storytelling, it can only reflect one small piece of the many universes swirling around within an [...]

February 2019 ISSUE

Cable Cars, Explosions, and Life-Sized Griffins: A Conversation with Suzanne Palmer

When looking up at the stars, we’re often consumed with thoughts of the technology and science that launch us beyond the confines of our terrestrial world. Space also makes us think of adventure, excitement, exploration, fun, and the endless possibilities of an ever-expanding universe.
Suzanne Palmer’s Finder captures all the best aspects of a science fiction [...]

January 2019 ISSUE

The Meisner Technique, Alien Consciousness, and Bathrobes: A Conversation with Wesley Chu

In an era where every aspect of our online and public lives is being tracked, the last remaining bastion of privacy might only be within our own minds. But what happens when an alien invader takes up residence within your consciousness, hears your thoughts, and can occasionally control your body? That’s something Wesley Chu has [...]

December 2018 ISSUE

37 Rejections, Language Obsessions, and Dance: A Conversation with Rich Larson

Quality and quantity are typically mutually exclusive. Bulk bought food is typically packed with partially hydrogenated filler while a uniquely tasty plate of haute cuisine is one of a kind. But sometimes, rarely, quality and quantity go hand in hand.
Rich Larson’s Tomorrow Factory is his first collection of short fiction. It assembles the wide variety [...]