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July 2011 ISSUE

Apocalypse Then: This is the Way the World Ended

Are you attending the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago in 2012? You may want to plan on going because it’s going to be the final Worldcon. Why? Haven’t you heard? The world is coming to an end on December 21, 2012 according to the ancient Mayan calendar.
Of course it [...]

January 2011 ISSUE

Fly Me to the Moon: Romance and SF Movies

Coming off a polarizing political season, we’ve come to think of ourselves as "red states" and "blue states." You’re on one side of the divide or the other, and there’s no middle ground. That sort of binary thinking gets transferred to all sorts of subjects, and in the field of movies that means there are [...]

April 2010 ISSUE

We Come in Pieces: The Alien as Metaphor

When, in a movie or TV show, the aliens arrive on Earth, or we meet them somewhere out in space, one thing is certain: whatever they’re supposed to represent, it’s not life on other worlds. Each genre has certain stock characters and situations which, in the hands of a master storyteller, [...]

March 2009 ISSUE

Remake Love, Not War

As soon as the remake of the 1951 classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still" hit the theaters, the knives were out. The movie failed on numerous levels, but not because it was a remake. Like the snap judgment on a film adaptation that the book has [...]