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July 2012 ISSUE

Another Word: The Exceptional Smurfette, or Being One of the Guys as a Superpower

This essay is a result of some thoughts that occurred during one of the weekly FeministSF chats on Twitter, when we were discussing exceptionality of female characters in urban fantasy novels—that is, their tendency to be the only woman in the book. This essay is meant to summarize some thoughts on [...]

March 2009 ISSUE

Herding Vegetable Sheep

I herd the clouds as I do every day. Their ghostly protuberances wrap around the wings of the plane, obscuring the blue AOL logo with their wispy fingers, and then retreat under the stream of air from the props, swirling and compacting into tight white formations that remind me of those [...]

March 2009 ISSUE

Herding Vegetable Sheep

This month’s audio fiction is Herding Vegetable Sheep written by Ekaterina Sedia and read by Kate Baker.

icon for podpress  Herding Vegetable Sheep by Ekaterina Sedia - Clarkesworld Magazine 03/09 [22:59m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (35769)

June 2008 ISSUE

Cheer Up Emo Kid: Being Depressed (or Gay) is Not All in Your Genes

In recent years, popular science journals have been full of articles excitedly reporting "genetic markers" for depression, sexual orientation, alcoholism, IQ, and any number of other behavioral traits. The scientific journals cheerfully publish heritability statistics, which are often mistaken for estimates of genetic contributions to behavior, and used as justification [...]

March 2008 ISSUE

Evolutionary Arms Race: Competing Interests in Male and Female Genomes

Siblicide and deadly sperm — both of these are just two examples of wide-ranging and downright creepy consequences of competing interests of males and females. "Battle of the sexes" is a cliché; however, it is fascinating to see this battle play out on the level of genes. Dawkins wrote about ’selfish [...]

August 2007 ISSUE

The Taste of Wheat

Dominique came from solid peasant stock, not frequently given to fancy; still, in the privacy of the thick bones of her skull, she dreamt of an Asian gentleman who insisted on being called Buddha, and small dogs with sharp white teeth.
The heavy sleep descended unannounced, smothering her with dreams in the middle of dinner [...]