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March 2014 ISSUE

Another Word: The Words We Carry

When I was a kid, I carried around universes in a cardboard box.
My universes were heavy. But I was lucky. They all fit inside that box, even if their numbers kept expanding.
My universes were small. Like a certain famous British police box, they were bigger on the inside than on the outside. Way bigger. In [...]

June 2013 ISSUE

Beyond the Tracks: The Locomotive in Science Fiction Literature

The capsule of metal begins to hum. Forces accumulate. Seated inside, the passengers feel the propulsion system lurch to life. Their bones thrum in synchronous frequency. Thus harmonized, man and machine move as one. The vehicle is launched along a predestined trajectory, arcing outward, soon to bisect a barren frontier. It accelerates hesitantly at first, [...]

June 2010 ISSUE

Moonage Daydream: The Rock Album as Science Fiction

Rock ‘n’ roll was never intended to have a future. Hot, fast, loud, bright: the genre was made to be as disposable as the chemically-fueled rockets that had started putting objects into orbit just as rock was getting off the ground in the ’50s.
It’s perhaps more than coincidence that the song [...]