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January 2017 ISSUE

Another Word: Dystopias Are Not Enough

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Janet Kagan’s Nebula-nominated, Hugo award-winning novelette “The Nutcracker Coup.” Published in Asimov’s in 1992, it’s the story of Marianne, a human functionary of the galactic government who unwittingly sparks a revolution on the planet Rejoicing, which is populated by charming, porcupine-like aliens suffering under the heavy-booted rule of a cruel [...]

September 2016 ISSUE

Another Word: On Being a Late Bloomer

I always wanted to be a writer. That’s not unique. Many writers have their destiny revealed in childhood. Like others with this particular itch, I read voraciously, and when I bought my first Asimov’s magazine at the age of sixteen—a moment embedded in my senses more vividly than my first kiss—I knew I had to [...]

February 2015 ISSUE

The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill

Our third podcast for February is “The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill” written by Kelly Robson and read by Kate Baker.

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February 2015 ISSUE

The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill

“I rise today on this September 11th, the one-year anniversary of the greatest tragedy on American soil in our history, with a heavy heart . . . ”
—Hon. Jim Turner
September 9, 2001
Jessica slumped against the inside of the truck door. The girl behind the wheel and the other one squished between them on the bench seat kept [...]