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October 2018 ISSUE

Thirty-Three Percent Joe

[CC] Welcome online, Cybernetic Elbow Model CI953-L. This is your introductory Initial Boot orientation. You are currently in a locked and muted configuration while external medical systems run diagnostics to see that your replacement procedure has been fully successful. If so, you will fully join the collective cybernetic units that currently comprise—with your addition—approximately thirty-three [...]

September 2017 ISSUE

The Secret Life of Bots

This episode features “The Secret Life of Bots” written by Suzanne Palmer. Published in the September 2017 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine and read by Kate Baker.

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September 2017 ISSUE

The Secret Life of Bots

I have been activated, therefore I have a purpose, the bot thought. I have a purpose, therefore I serve.
It recited the Mantra Upon Waking, a bundle of subroutines to check that it was running at optimum efficiency, then it detached itself from its storage niche. Its power cells were fully charged, its systems ready, and [...]