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May 2021 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: A Quarantine Soapbox

Much like Matt Dixon’s robot on the cover of this month’s issue, I’ve felt a little boxed in this month. I’m currently in mandatory quarantine following a COVID test for the third time in the last two weeks. I should make it clear that I’m not at risk, though. This is solely for the protection [...]

April 2021 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: In the Months Ahead

My last few editorials have been consumed by a focus on our annual reader’s poll and the works we published in 2020. This month, I’m turning it around and looking ahead to a few of the things that will be happening here in 2021.
First, let me set the stage. I started the year with an [...]

March 2021 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: The Best from 2020

Over the last two months, Clarkesworld readers have been helping to determine the best story and cover art that we published in 2020. While there’s almost always someone (or a group of someones) who tries to sway the process, the voting went rather smoothly this year. Participation was up slightly over 2019 with the majority [...]

February 2021 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: 2020 Reader's Poll Finalists

In late January, we held the first phase of our annual Clarkesworld Magazine Reader’s Poll for best story and cover art. Maintaining the model we’ve used in recent years, the nomination phase took place online and lasted just under two days. The narrow window has continued to prove effective at minimizing the effects of ballot-stuffing [...]

January 2021 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: 2020 in Review

With the start of a new year comes the inevitable looking back at the previous one. Strictly by the numbers, here’s a quick snapshot of Clarkesworld’s 2020 output.

12 issues
69 authors

36 authors had never been published in Clarkesworld before
8 (possibly 10) had never been published before, 2 others were first professional sales

76 stories (classified by Hugo [...]

December 2020 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Don't Let Go of the Future

It’s tempting to write a year-in-review editorial, but honestly, I don’t feel up to writing about life-threatening surgery, pandemics, deaths, or the host of other stressful elements that make up this past year’s highlights. It’s pervasive and exhausting. We’ve all been through enough and I understand now why previous pandemics have been more-or-less removed from [...]

November 2020 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Staring at the Ceiling

I started off the year with uncertainty. I knew I was heading into risky surgery that would result in weeks of recovery, so I decided that we’d start 2020 simple at Clarkesworld. No extra work. No new projects. Maintain the status quo. I decided that I wouldn’t need the extra stress and despite that, I [...]

October 2020 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: In Mourning

I was all set to pen an editorial celebrating our fourteenth-anniversary issue and the plans we have for next year, but I’m not sure I have it in me right now. Mind you, I’m extremely grateful to see the magazine reach this milestone and proud of the accomplishment. There are ups and downs, certainly, but [...]

September 2020 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Warning, May Contain Marketing

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been editing The Best Science Fiction of the Year anthologies for five years now. Under normal conditions, volume five—covering 2019—would have been published by now, but 2020 has been anything but normal and I fear that it’s not quite done with us yet. But that’s a path I’d rather [...]

August 2020 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Yes, Virginia, Short Fiction is Important

Short fiction is important. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say that, but in my years as both a fan and as a professional, I’ve seen it treated like a younger sibling or supporting character when compared to novels.
It’s easy to come up with examples of this. I’ve spoken about the perceived financial value [...]