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May 2018 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Come One, Come All

I once again took to Twitter to find a source of inspiration for this month’s editorial and received several interesting suggestions. I could think of quick responses to several of them, but when I came across this one, it spoke to me.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a science fiction fan: early [...]

April 2018 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Nine, Three, Six

When I left my job last year, one of the things I had hoped to do with my new-found time was get caught up on the production of the Clarkesworld anthologies. (If these are news to you, part of our business model includes annual anthologies that collect all of the original fiction published in a [...]

March 2018 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: And the Winners are . . .

As February came to an end, so did the second round of our annual reader’s poll. In the first round, our readers chose five finalists from our 2017 issues in two categories: best cover art and best short story. To recap, these were the finalists:
Best Story

“A Series of Steaks” by Vina Jie-Min Prasad (January)
“Waiting [...]

February 2018 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: The Return of the Reader's Poll

It’s time to pick your favorite Clarkesworld story and cover art from 2017 in our reader’s poll. This year, we’re doing it a bit differently and running it more like a traditional two-round genre award.
Phase 1 - Nominations (completed)
At the end of January, we opened and held the twenty-four hour flash nomination period to identify [...]

January 2018 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Stepping into a New Year

December is, as always, a mad dash of a month for me and it almost seems as though I can never get organized enough to avoid the post-holiday crunch. Issues of Clarkesworld and Forever need to be put to bed, my Best Science Fiction of the Year anthology needs to be turned into the publisher, [...]

December 2017 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: The Things I've Seen

Next month will mark the third anniversary of our Chinese translation project with Storycom. I hadn’t had many opportunities to meet with them or the authors we’ve worked with outside of the occasional Worldcon. Last month, I had the opportunity to visit China for the first time as a guest of Science Fiction World, the [...]

November 2017 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: The Voice in the Shadows

Most months, I struggle to find what I want to write about in these editorials. It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not I’ve had time to think or if I feel rushed by a hectic schedule. The anxiety when writing these or an introduction brings everything to a crashing halt. I’ve been trying to [...]

October 2017 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Things are Always Worse in the Dark

Sometimes life gets complicated. For the last five years, I’ve been dealing with the fallout from my heart attack. In the end, it caused me to change my life for the better, but it does come with some baggage. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that fear drove a lot of those changes. Fear that I might [...]

September 2017 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Home for the Month

August was an unusual month in that I didn’t have any conventions, workshops, or meetings to attend. It was somewhat bittersweet in that I had very much wanted to attend the Worldcon in Finland, but couldn’t afford the trip. Everything I’ve heard from friends that did go made it sound like an amazing experience and [...]

August 2017 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Ask and You Shall Receive

As the month came to a close, I found myself without a viable editorial for this issue. I had one I thought would work, but it fizzled and went in the wrong direction. In a moment of desperation, I turned to Twitter:

Over the course of the next few hours, responses—serious and not—rolled in. So far, [...]