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January 2017 ISSUE

Editor’s Desk: Stomp Stomp Stomp

Sometimes catching up with an old friend can set your mind running on an unexpected course. In this case, it was some passing thoughts on kaiju movies and how strong they appeal to people like us. Those giant monsters and robots have a special place in our hearts and for people our age, getting a [...]

November 2016 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Your Mission

What put you on the path to being science fiction reader? For me, it was the gift of a few books from my cousin at age twelve. Up until then, my experience with science fiction was exclusively TV and movies. I had no idea what lay ahead or where that path would take me. Even [...]

October 2016 ISSUE

Editor’s Desk: A Decade

Clarkesworld’s first issue was published ten years ago this month. It’s been a long and challenging road to get from that two-story-and-a-cover issue to what you see today. Back then, the state of online magazines could be best described as the Wild West. We had no role models to pattern ourselves after, just some crazy [...]

September 2016 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Nice to Hear from You

Most of the science fiction magazines I read as a kid had a letters to the editor column. People would write in and respond to the stories or articles published in recent issues. There weren’t websites or email addresses, so dropping an envelope in the mail was your only chance to let the editors know [...]

August 2016 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: The Little Things

I turn fifty this month. Normally I don’t make much of a fuss about my birthdays, but this year I’m letting my family throw a party. It’s not that I expect fifty to be any different than forty-nine, but it is a milestone year and since the heart attack, those milestones actually mean something to [...]

July 2016 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: What is it with Readercon?

July marks my annual pilgrimage to Readercon, a literary genre convention in Massachusetts, that this year has moved from Burlington to Quincy. No matter how amazing the new location turns out to be, I’m still going to have a special place in my heart for the old one. It was there, ten years ago, that [...]

June 2016 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: In My Own Way

Every story—and editorial—starts with a blank screen. I’m one of those people who is tortured by that field of white. In its presence, all my ideas fade to nothing. I used to think that public speaking was my nemesis. I still don’t like it, but at least there I have someone to bounce off of [...]

May 2016 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Stress Relief

One of the things I do to get some downtime is play video games and for almost two years I have spent a lot of time playing Bungie’s Destiny on the Xbox One with Sean and Kate. The game’s latest update came out last month and it was particularly well-timed. We’ve spent a lot of [...]

April 2016 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Best. Wife. Ever.

Typically, the art I select for the cover doesn’t have any particular connection to that issue’s contents. I’ve always viewed the cover as its own feature, independent of the rest. During one of my recent monthly art quests, I came across Rudy Faber’s “Robot in Love” and I knew right away that I wanted it [...]