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December 2014 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Giant Heads

So why are Sean and I holding those scary-looking silver heads? Last month, Sean, Kate and I won a World Fantasy Award for our work on Clarkesworld! (Sadly, Kate was unable to attend the ceremony.)
I’d like to thank our readers for their help in making it possible for us to publish this [...]

November 2014 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Translation Is Important

Telepathy, universal translators, and other convenient tricks allow our favorite science fiction characters to bypass the inherent problems in communicating across multiple languages. It’s a simple shortcut and recognizable trope that allows the author to keep the story moving. We often have trouble with the language barriers among our fellow humans, so it’s not [...]

October 2014 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Eight is a Good Number

Despite the October-inspired darker tone of this issue, things have been going very well here at Clarkesworld. This issue marks our eighth anniversary and I have all sorts of good news to share. It’s hard to decide where to start, so I’m just going to do this in chronological order.
In early September, we won the [...]

September 2014 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Secret Project!

I’ve been working on a secret project. Time to tell.
Clarkesworld has always tried to cast a wide net in its search for stories. In recent years, thanks to the amazing efforts of Ken Liu and John Chu, we accomplished a long-desired goal of acquiring stories in translation. In April, I was presented [...]

August 2014 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Having an Adventure with Dad

This month, my father and I will embark on a little adventure. In a few days, we’ll pack up our bags and board a flight bound for Dublin, Ireland. We’ll be spending most of our time in Navan, the town in which my parents were born and grew up. My parents visited [...]

July 2014 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Adding Some Color

When something nearly kills you, it’s hard to avoid thinking about it. These events worm their way into your mind and color almost everything. Two years since my heart attack, my doctors continue to remind me that I’m very lucky to be alive.
Every morning, the voice in my head makes sure to [...]

June 2014 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Clearing Something Off My Desk

When we launched Clarkesworld, we had every intention of releasing an annual anthology that collected all of the original stories published that year. The first two, Realms 1 and Realms 2, were published on-schedule, but things crashed to a halt at volume three. Part of the problem was financial and the rest [...]

May 2014 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: The Five Percent

I find writing an editorial to be a difficult task. I think this one remained a blank document for the first two weeks I tried to write it. Then the Hugo Award nominees were announced and suddenly I had something I could focus on. If you’ve been following this year’s nominations and controversies surrounding some [...]

April 2014 ISSUE

Editor's Desk: Supporting our Favorites

The nomination period for the Hugo Awards came to a close at the end of March. As has become tradition in recent years, many fans and professionals took to blogs and social media to either direct attention to their eligible works, make a case for their favorites, or remind you to vote. Yes, I am [...]

March 2014 ISSUE

Editor’s Desk: Reader’s Poll Results and Other Award News

Our 2013 Reader’s Poll closed last month and I’ve been patiently awaiting the opportunity to share the results with you. With no further ado, I present this year’s winners:
Cover Art

First Place:
“Silent Oracle” by Matt Dixon