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March 2021 ISSUE

Falling in Love and the Collective Consciousness: An Interview with Elly Bangs

Elly Bangs was born in Seattle and lived there nearly her whole life. She earned a BA in creative writing from The Evergreen State College, roughly sixty miles away. She’s primarily worked in small nonprofit organizations, “usually in a role that combines doing all their paperwork with building their websites and databases. Right now I’m [...]

March 2021 ISSUE

Important Strangers: A Conversation with Becky Chambers

Becky Chambers grew up outside Los Angeles “in a family heavily involved in space science”—her father worked in aerospace engineering, her mother worked as an astrobiology educator. Her mother loved genre fiction, so Chambers was reading and watching SFF shows before she’d started school. Despite the prevalence of the sciences in her family, she moved [...]

February 2021 ISSUE

Thrilling to the Harmony: A Conversation with Karen Osborne

As a self-avowed Star Trek nerd, it is perhaps fitting that Karen Osborne’s earliest attempts at selling fiction were in the Star Trek franchise: “As a teen, I once wrote a Star Trek: Voyager spec script with a friend over CompuServe, which became my first real rejection letter. It’s framed.”
Osborne’s first SFF sales of “Retirement” [...]

February 2021 ISSUE

Science, Math, Fiction, and the Oxford Comma: A Conversation with S.B. Divya

Born in Pondicherry, India, S.B. Divya moved to the US when she was five. She graduated high school in Minnesota, then did her undergrad at Caltech. Divya dabbled in one creative writing class during her sophomore year, but ultimately went for her computational neuroscience degree. She later earned a master’s in signal processing from UC [...]

January 2021 ISSUE

Science Fiction and Schmaltz: A Conversation with Connie Willis

If you Google “author with most Hugo awards” the answer Google pushes on you is that Robert A. Heinlein won four Hugo awards in his lifetime for Best Novel. Not counting retroactive awards, his last win was in 1967. If you squint you will see another result: Lois McMaster Bujold, four wins for Best Novel [...]

January 2021 ISSUE

The Ten-Year Journey: A Conversation with E. Lily Yu

At age fifteen, E. Lily Yu won The Writer’s 69-Word Story contest. Her story was posted online and she won $50. Her parents told her that writing wasn’t a good way to make a living; she was later rejected from her university’s creative writing program. Regardless, Yu published poem “Patience” in Electric Velocipede and short [...]

December 2020 ISSUE

Hard Points of View: A Conversation with Stina Leicht

When Stina Leicht was small, she wanted to grow up to be like Vincent Price—or so her website says. Instead, she grew up to be a writer who has impressed fans and critics alike.
Stina Leicht (“Pronounced ‘Steena.’ Think of it as Tina with an extra-added S. My last name is pronounced ‘Lite,’ like the beer.”) [...]

December 2020 ISSUE

Marvels and Horrors: A Conversation with Tim Pratt

Long before winning a Hugo and a Rhysling, Tim Pratt worked as an advertising copywriter (briefly), and as a tech writer and office manager for a disability advocacy company. In 2001 he moved to Oakland, CA and landed a job as editorial assistant at Locus Magazine.
Born in Goldsboro, NC, as a child Pratt traveled with [...]

November 2020 ISSUE

Determined To Publish: A Conversation with John Fleskes

Many only know him by the shortened name on the spine: Flesk, next to the logo resembling leaves or fire—at least to me. But John Fleskes has been putting out high quality art books for nearly twenty years. Flesk Publications showcases fantastic art by a range of artists, many of them with an array of [...]

November 2020 ISSUE

Diagram and Story: A Conversation with R.F. Kuang

Rebecca Kuang is one of those rare individuals who hit a home run right out of the gate. She wrote a book for herself as an experiment and it became a big hit. Kuang is a Marshall Scholar and a Chinese-English translator. She earned an MPhil in Chinese studies from Cambridge and an MSc in [...]