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November 2019 ISSUE

The Good Story: A Conversation with Susan Palwick

Since 1982, Susan Palwick has explored visions of the fantastic. She has crafted worlds resembling ours, as well as realms strikingly different; she has taken readers to the delightful, to the humorous, and to the horrific. In creative narratives, occasionally experimenting with style and structure, she has introduced interesting, memorable characters, capturing and exploring human [...]

November 2019 ISSUE

Bringing the Pieces Together: A Conversation with Jacob Weisman

Poet, essayist, fiction writer, editor, publisher, and more, Jacob Weisman founded Tachyon Publications in 1995 to “champion the creative storytelling of authors who inspire us through intelligent prose and imaginative worlds.” Weisman went from running fanzine Thirteenth Moon to publishing authors such as Charlie Jane Anders, Daryl Gregory, Nancy Kress, Joe R. Lansdale, Tim Powers, [...]

October 2019 ISSUE

Ooze and Gore: A Conversation with Nicky Drayden

Humanity is depending on Seske Kaleigh in Nicky Drayden’s science fiction work, Escaping Exodus. Seske Kaleigh is meant to become matriarch. Her sister, cast aside by kinship rules, still challenges Seske’s claim at every turn. And then there’s Adalla, Seske’s beast worker best friend and possibly forbidden love, facing a grim destiny of her own, [...]

October 2019 ISSUE

Paint Your Own Language: A Conversation with Maurizio Manzieri

Maurizio Manzieri was born in Naples, Italy. Almost weekly, he visited ruins of ancient civilizations spread along the gulf, under the shadow of a volcano. He began his artistic career working as a graphic artist in advertising; his first editorial sale came in 1994 for the British magazine Interzone. Today, he is a professional illustrator [...]

September 2019 ISSUE

Science Fiction Heist: A Conversation with Derek Künsken

Science meets space opera meets heist in Derek Künsken’s The Quantum Evolution series. It all starts when con man Belisarius Arjona—a homo quantus (his mind and body have been engineered to be able to see directly into the quantum realm) and his “ensemble-cast” crew have to move a squadron of secret warships across an enemy [...]

September 2019 ISSUE

The Future of Shame and Hope: A Conversation with L.X. Beckett

Not all is bad and terrible and grim in the future. Sometimes disaster means change, and change means growth, and growth means a future full of cool ideas and good-hearted people. Hopepunk as a genre creates an opportunity for writers to explore positivity and kindness within the context of science fiction. Beckett’s “hopetopia” does just [...]

August 2019 ISSUE

Mission Critical: A Conversation with Jonathan Strahan

You may not have noticed, but the short fiction editors in this field are quite friendly to one another. It strikes some as odd that we can be on such collegial terms with our peers at competing magazines and anthologies, but the very things that drew us to this field draw us to one another. [...]

July 2019 ISSUE

Fractal Universes, Serialized Novels, and a Cat: A Conversation with Yoon Ha Lee

A well-worn fictional universe is something to love. When you’ve spent countless enjoyable pages exploring the depths of nebulas and far flung planets, you find yourself occasionally wanting to go back after the last page has been turned. Thankfully, authors love to dip back in and explore their universes almost as much as we do.
Diving [...]

July 2019 ISSUE

Byzantium, New York, and Rose Petals: A Conversation with Arkady Martine

Marrying history and a far-flung future results in a partnership unique to science fiction. It allows authors and readers alike to explore the past, present, and potential future all at once. Like the best science fiction, it allows us to examine where we’ve been and where we may still go as [...]

June 2019 ISSUE

Time Threads, Epistolary Novels, and Collaboration: A Conversation with Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

Time is a slippery thing. So are stories. They intertwine. So when a story tackles time, and you invest your time in tackling that story . . . things get very interesting.
Red and Blue slip along time threads. They’re on different sides of a war unlike any you’ve ever seen. They leave notes for one another, chiding and [...]