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August 2020 ISSUE

From Bleak to Upbeat in Three Parts: A Conversation with Michael Swanwick

Writing fiction ranging from light fantasy to hard SF, Michael Swanwick has been earning award nominations since his 1980 novelettes landed on Locus lists and Nebula Awards ballots: “The Feast of Saint Janis” and “Ginungagap.” “Mummer Kiss” earned him his first win, an SF Chronicle Award in the Novelette category. Since then he’s received more [...]

August 2020 ISSUE

Miles . . . to Go: A Conversation with Lauren Beukes

International bestselling author Lauren Beukes grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. She attended Roedean School in Johannesburg, earned an MA in creative writing from the University of Cape Town, and spent a decade as a freelance journalist working in South Africa and the US, covering electricity cable thieves, HIV+ beauty pageants, metro cops, and homeless [...]

July 2020 ISSUE

Coffee Prince, Avatar, and Robot Rebellions: A Conversation with Madeline Ashby

If you search the site for Madeline Ashby, you will find this entry: “Hi. My name is Madeline Ashby, and I write the Cowboy Bebop rewatch posts.” Dig deeper and you’ll find an individual who is passionate about a great many things: anime, novels, film, and the future among them.
Born in Panorama City, CA, [...]

July 2020 ISSUE

Overthrowing the Royal We: A Conversation with Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott has far more books out than you probably know. Née Alis A. Rasmussen, she was born in Des Moines, IA, studied at University College of North Wales—Bangor and at Mills College in Oakland, CA, earning a BA in English. Her debut novel, The Labyrinth Gate, was published in 1988. In 1990, came the [...]

June 2020 ISSUE

The Woman With No Name: A Conversation with John P. Murphy

John P. Murphy attended Viable Paradise in 2010 and started selling fiction shortly after. His first publications came out in 2011: several pieces in The Drabblecast and “The Body and the Bomb” in Crossed Genres. “Tumbleweeds and Indelicate Questions” was his first pro sale, published in Nature. After a few novella and short story sales, [...]

June 2020 ISSUE

The Three-Science-Fiction-Author Problem: A Conversation

Taiyo Fujii, Japanese science fiction author of Gene Mapper and Orbital Cloud, invited me here. I only met him half a year earlier, at Worldcon in Dublin, but we quickly became friends and our plans took shape a few months later during dinner in Tokyo. The place is Lyon and the occasion is the AI [...]

May 2020 ISSUE

Flying Ponies: A Conversation with Lois McMaster Bujold

Lois McMaster Bujold has won the Hugo Award for Best Novel a record-tying four times: The Vor Game in 1991; Barrayar in 1992, which also won a Locus Award; Mirror Dance in 1995, which, again, also won a Locus Award; and Paladin of Souls in 2004, which also won a Nebula Award and a Locus [...]

May 2020 ISSUE

The Horror of it All! A Conversation with Tamsyn Muir

Tamsyn Muir landed on many readers’ radars with the release of full-length novel Gideon the Ninth, published by publications in September 2019. Beyond blurbs and promises of something utterly unique, readers showed appreciation through Goodreads Choice nominations in two categories, as well as nominations and short listing for an array of other awards such [...]

April 2020 ISSUE

Short Stories and Sad Endings: A Conversation with Martha Wells

Martha Wells grew up in Texas reading science fiction and fantasy from a young age, getting books at her local library. In her teens, she was writing Star Wars and Godzilla fanfic, complete with maps of Monster Island. She received a BA in anthropology at Texas A&M but took other classes as well, including a [...]

April 2020 ISSUE

From Kibbutz to Career: A Conversation with Lavie Tidhar

Raised on a kibbutz in Israel, Lavie Tidhar began his world travels at fifteen, living in South Africa, the UK, Laos, and Vanuatu. At twenty-two he published a collection of poetry, and he had his first fiction stories published at twenty-seven. In 2009, the first volume of The Apex Book of World SF came out, [...]