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November 2016 ISSUE

Bioengineered Athletes and True Stories: A Conversation with Lauren Beukes

Sometimes the reality is stranger than fiction and sometimes fiction helps to shed some philosophical light on reality. Both are entwined, influencing each other and the author placing one word after the other. Lauren Beukes is one such author that has the imagination and the journalistic chops to craft both stories of marauding art installations [...]

October 2016 ISSUE

Jazz Music and Greek Myths: A Conversation with Peter S. Beagle

Stories and jazz music go hand in hand. Imagination lays the foundation built on a feeling until structure emerges. The plot twists, the characters evolve, and what you end up with is something far more than the sum of its parts.
Peter S. Beagle has always been an author with an ear for beautiful writing. His [...]

September 2016 ISSUE

Cat Pictures and Food Blogs: A Conversation with Naomi Kritzer

The Internet seems to be fueled by feline antics. Everywhere you look, there’s a kitten stuck in a piece of toast, a tabby karate kicking a dog, or a Siamese cat rocking out to dubstep. If you peel back the layers of the Internet, you’re sure to find a cat tangled up in Ethernet wires [...]

August 2016 ISSUE

Volcanoes, Obelisks, and Spam Sushi: A Conversation with N.K. Jemisin

Worlds in upheaval are a staple of fantasy literature. Warring factions collide as they grasp for power. But what happens when it is the actual Earth beneath your feet that is roiling and about to explode? What about when the skies have gone dark, the weather has turned against the people, and the planet itself [...]

July 2016 ISSUE

Talkative Creatures and a Mesozoic Cocktail: A Conversation with Michael Swanwick

Variety is the spice of short fiction. Within an hour, you can have an adventure under the seas of Europa, navigate Faerie, and be back on earth in time for an airship heist. One writer who has consistently surprised and delighted with his odd and eloquent stories is Michael Swanwick.
Not So Much, Said the Cat [...]

June 2016 ISSUE

The 'Quarter Turn' of History: A Conversation with Guy Gavriel Kay

Fantasy is a genre steeped in history. Mammoth novels outline thousand year dynasties and shorter works hint at machinations decades in the making. Their imagined histories lend a level of immersion and context for the reader. But when our own history is woven into the fabric of the fantastic, you find yourself reading a slightly [...]

May 2016 ISSUE

Transcendent Transformation: A Conversation with James Gunn

Science fiction has always been a way to shrug off the shackles of our terrestrial imaginations and expand our minds out beyond the stars. Out there in the swirling heavens, the possibilities for life and the answers to its mysteries are endless. James Gunn’s newest novel explores the outer reaches of the galaxy while asking [...]

April 2016 ISSUE

Transparency and Transformation: A Conversation with David Brin

If there ever was an argument in favor of sci-fi influencing scientific advancement, the work of David Brin would surely be a cornerstone. From his novels and ambitious short fiction to his research into cometary studies, optics, and spacecraft design, David Brin is not only dreaming about the future, but, in some ways, helping to [...]

March 2016 ISSUE

All the Words in the Sky: A Conversation with Charlie Jane Anders

There’s a dividing line, however fuzzy, between magic and science. The mysteries and miracles are pitted against the hard numbers and plausible explanations. Fantasy versus Science Fiction. Charlie Jane Anders’ new novel explores this boundary and finds it to be thinner and more porous than we originally thought.
To shove All The Birds In The Sky [...]

February ISSUE

Sapient Animals and Memory Particles: A Conversation with Lawrence M. Schoen

Life, death, and prophecy are common themes. When an author approaches them from a new angle, it’s like seeing a familiar photograph with a fresh set of eyes. In the case of Lawrence M. Schoen’s new novel, we get to see through a fresh set of animal eyes.
Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard was recently released from [...]