$10 Citizen
Listed as a Citizen in the Census Appendix of the annual Clarkesword anthology
$25 Bürgermeister
Ebook subscription for six months or trade paperback of the most recent Clarkesworld anthology (email choice, default is subscription). Looked up to by some. Includes Citizen reward.
$50 Royalty
Ebook subscription for one year and latest Clarkesworld anthology in ebook format. A figurehead in society. Includes Citizen reward.
$100 Overlord (good or evil)
Ebook subscription for two years and latest Clarkesworld anthology in ebook format or print copies of the last nine issues. (email choice, default is subscription/international: add $10 if chosing print option) Feared by Many. Includes Citizen reward.
$250 Deity
1. Two-year ebook subscription or print & ebook subscription for one year.
2. Last three Clarkesworld anthologies in print and ebook formats. (International add $20 for print - use other amount option below)
3. Others bow before you. Includes Citizen reward.
Any other amount: