For over eight years, Clarkesworld has been providing free and unrestricted access to the many wonders our authors, artists and other contributors have created.

Today, we ask for your help. Today, we start our Citizenship Drive.

Citizenship? What?

Anyone who donates $10 or more to Clarkesworld Magazine becomes an honorary Citizen of Clarkesworld. It's a nice way for us to identify the generous people who support us.

What are you doing with the money?

Just because it is free, doesn't mean it is without cost. At Clarkesworld, we believe in paying all our authors a professional rate and by doing so, we’re able to attract the high quality of talent you’ve come to expect from us. We pay for most of this through the income generated by our ebook subscriptions (Amazon, B&N, Weightless Booksm and more), single issue ebook sales, advertising, and our annual anthologies.

What is your goal?

Our goal is to become the first professional independent magazine to rise from the internet. That means we intend to not only pay our authors professionally, but our staff as well. Our unpaid readership now numbers over 38,000. If only a fraction of those people subscribe or become a citizen, this goal can become a reality.

Does citizenship truly have its privileges?

The whole Citizenship concept is an evolving program. As a citizen, you will counted in the annual Clarkesworld census and depending on how much you give, you may be entitled to special gifts or high standing among our people. The names of all citizens are cataloged and published in an appendix of our annual print and ebook anthologies. Worried about confidentiality? Email us and we'll gladly substitute a pseudonym.