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April 2015 ISSUE

Small Markets, Big Wonders

How many copies make a bestseller? What does an author need to do in order to have a novel accepted by a publishing house? How does a SF magazine work? We often contemplate these questions but perhaps rarely realize how vastly the answers can differ between national markets.
Last summer, I met Neil Clarke at Worldcon [...]

August 2014 ISSUE

Human Nature: A Conversation with Peter Watts

Deep sea, deep space, and deep dark corners of the human mind—these are some of the domains in which Peter Watts truly excels. His Hugo-nominated novel Blindsight opens with the main character trapped in a shuttle, reminiscing, escaping . . . from what? As we dive into the story, we encounter one question after another, all of them [...]

April 2014 ISSUE

Realms of Dark, Deep and Cold

These places never see sunlight, are buried deep under thick ice crusts and warmed mostly by radioactive decay and tidal forces: subsurface oceans of celestial objects far from their stars—if they have any. Decades ago, they were the domain of science fiction, until such places were hypothesized in our solar system thanks in part to [...]

January 2014 ISSUE

Editor’s Desk: Anthologies, Patreon, and the 2013 Reader’s Poll & Contest

Happy New Year!
If you are new to the Clarkesworld family, you may not know that we also publish an annual anthology series that collects all the original fiction published over the course of a year. The first two volumes went by the name Realms 1 and 2, but since then they’ve carried the Clarkesworld name. [...]

October 2013 ISSUE

The Symphony of Ice and Dust

“It’s going to be the greatest symphony anyone has ever composed,” said Jurriaan. “Our best work. Something we’ll be remembered for in the next millennia. A frail melody comprised of ice and dust, of distance and cold. It will be our masterpiece.”
Chiara listened absently and closed her eyes. Jurriaan had never touched ice, seen dust, [...]

October 2013 ISSUE

The Symphony of Ice and Dust

Our first piece of audio fiction for October is “The Symphony of Ice and Dust” written by Julie Novakova and read by Kate Baker.

icon for podpress  Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 85 - The Symphony of Ice and Dust by Julie Novakova [53:03m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (38674)

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