Lydia's Body

FICTION by Vylar Kaftan in Issue 2 – November 2006

The girl did everything for him. She polished his boots with bear grease and swept the floor with a willow broom. She washed the sheets, both sets, once a week. She dried them on a clothesline near their house—the one-room log cabin she guessed he’d built himself. Sometimes the Wisconsin breeze blew more dirt into […]

Editor's Desk: Fifteen

EDITORIAL by Neil Clarke in Issue 181 – October 2021

We were told we wouldn’t last a year, but here we are at our fifteenth anniversary issue and I have to say that it feels really good. To be fair to our early critics, the landscape for online fiction was more like a slaughterhouse back in 2006. While a lot of that was simply poor […]

What Happens in Solarium Square 21

FICTION by Ashleigh Shears in Issue 164 – May 2020

The Body rots faster than expected. By the time they all agree on how to take advantage of the opportunity, the skin has gone green like exposed bronze. The hair lasts the longest without intervention, though they do eventually need wigs. Ordering wigs isn’t that suspicious. Neither is buying a bigger freezer. The same cannot […]

Awards and Recognition

Select Year   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017   2018   2019   2020   2021 2021 — Issues 172-183 Award Winners 2021 Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Novella, “Preserved in Amber” by Samantha Murray Award […]
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