Issue 1 – October 2006

Cover Art

The Town of the Towers


Author profile

"My name is Tom Pietrzyk. I was born in 1973 in Myslowice (Poland).

Painting brings out my inner self. When I sit down at the easel only my ideas and the canvas exist in this universe.

The challenge before me is to bring those ideas to vibrant life immortalized on a painted medium. At first the canvas is distant - a blank sheet onto which I will implant my work. With each stroke of the brush, the gap narrows until the canvas transforms from a stationary medium into an animated extension of my mind.

The transformation occurs as the objects race about my psyche, escaping through my arm, overtaking my fingers and ultimately conquering the defenseless brush. They burst into the physical world fully developed and possessing a prior history. These are not new creations painted onto a screen - they’ve always existed in my consciousness. But now my inner world is outside and available for all in which to partake. Look carefully at my paintings and you are peering into my mind. See the playfulness of the living souls and the mysterious eeriness of the foreboding structures – all physically suspended in vivid colors. Welcome to my world."

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