Issue 137 – February 2018

Cover Art



Author profile

Artur has been a concept artist, illustrator, and art director for almost fifteen years. He designs for the video game industry, animation, and film. Due to the broad and passionate interest in the entire process of creation, he never limited himself to one creative field. In his career, he has occupied many positions and roles sharpening a wide range of skills. He works both in traditional and digital media, striving for their synergy in serving the ultimate end-result. For several years has been developing the project "Mooeti." A rich, ever-expanding world based on the ideas of travel and exploration of the unknown. His portfolio contains titles such as For Honor, Witcher 3, Hitman, Halo 5, Batman, Total War: Warhammer, Dead Island, and Call Of Juarez. He has worked with well-known studios such as Framestore, MPC, Platige Image, Techland and Ars Thanea. Frequent award-winner in the field of art direction, concept design and illustration. His works were published many times in prestigious publications such as Spectrum, ImagineFX, Exotiqe, and Expose.

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