Issue 29 – February 2009

Cover Art

Signs of Life


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Throughout his life, Geoff Trebs, or "Din's" drawings have always drifted towards imaginative illustration and has been painting with Adobe Photoshop and Wacom tablets since 2004. He says enjoys digital over traditional because of how much he is able to achieve in such a short time, which is another interesting aspect of this artist, he works fast and likes to time himself. Now although Din liked drawing in his free time he did not decide to strive to become a professional artist until he took his first art class at Fullerton College under the tutelage of Kirk Sivertsen. He is now graduating from Cal State University Long Beach with a BA in studio art with emphasis on illustration. Looking back from when Din began his quest to become a great digital painter until now, his improvement is astounding. When we asked him what was the culprit of this rapid skill evolution, he replied, "practice, practice, practice, sleep!"

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