Issue 100 – January 2015

Podcast, Reprint

This Wind Blowing, and This Tide


Our eighth podcast for January is “This Wind Blowing, and This Tide” written by Damien Broderick and read by Alasdair Stuart.

Originally published in Asimov’s Science Fiction, April 2009.

Author profile

Australian writer, editor, futurist, and critic Damien Broderick, a Senior Fellow in the School of Cultural Commincations at the University of Melbourne, made his first sale in 1964 to John Carnell's anthology New Writings in SF 1. In the decades that followed, he has kept up a steady stream of fiction, non-fiction, futurist speculations, and critical work, which has won him multiple Ditmar and Aurealis Awards. He sold his first novel, Sorcerer's World, in 1970; it was later reissued in a rewritten version in the United States as The Black Grail. Broderick's other books include the novels The Dreaming Dragons, The Judas Mandala, Transmitters, Striped Holes, and The White Abacus, as well as books written with Rory Barnes and Barbara Lamar. His many short stories have been collected in A Man Returns, The Dark Between the Stars, Uncle Bones: Four Science Fiction Novellas, and, most recently, The Quilla Engine: Science Fiction Stories. He also wrote the visionary futurist classic, The Spike: How Our Lives Are Being Transformed by Rapidly Advancing Technology, a critical study of science fiction, Reading by Starlight: Postmodern Science Fiction, Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 1985-2010, (written with Paul Di Filippo),edited the non-fiction anthology Year Million: Science at the Far End of Knowledge, as well as editing the SF anthology Earth is But a Star: Excursions Through Science Fiction to the Far Future, and three anthologies of Australian science fiction, The Zeitgeist Machine, Strange Attractors, and Matilda at the Speed of Light. His most recent publication is an anthology, edited with John Boston, The Daymakers.

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