Issue 106 – July 2015

Podcast, Original Fiction

The Hunger Tower


Our fourth podcast for July is “The Hunger Tower” written by Pan Haitian and read by Kate Baker.

Originally published in Chinese in Science Fiction World, June 2003.

Translated and published in partnership with Storycom.

Author profile

Pan Haitian is a well-known figure among the third generation of Chinese science fiction authors. His previous work includes the collection Run Dajiao! Run! (New World Press, 2001) and four novels set in the Novoland universe: Ghost Sparrow, Spirit Turtle (New World Press, 2006), The Iron Stupa (New World Press, 2007), 24 Second Paradise (serialized in China Fantasy, 2009-10), and A Dark Moon Rises (Hunan Art and Literature Press October, 2012). He is also a founding editor of the influential Chinese magazine, Odyssey of China Fantasy.

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