Issue 109 – October 2015

Podcast, Reprint

War, Ice, Egg, Universe


Our sixth podcast for October is “War, Ice, Egg, Universe” written by G. David Nordley and read by Kate Baker.

Originally published in Asimov’s Science Fiction, October/November, 2002.

Author profile

G. David Nordley is the pen name of Gerald David Nordley, an author and consulting astronautical engineer. He lives in Sunnyvale, CA. A retired Air Force officer, he has been involved in spacecraft orbital operations, engineering, and testing as well as research in advanced spacecraft propulsion. As a writer of fiction and nonfiction, his main interest is the future of human exploration and settlement of space, and his stories typically focuses on the dramatic aspects of individual lives within the broad sweep of a plausible human future. Gerald is a past Hugo and nebula award nominee as well as a four-time winner of the Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact annual "AnLab" reader's poll. His latest novel is To Climb a Flat Mountain, and the latest book is a collection, Among the Stars, available from Brief Candle Press in print or ebook through The latest new publication at this writing is "Last Call" in How Beer Saved the World 2, due from Skywarrior Press, 2015.

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