Since April 2005, Shaun Farrell has conducted well over seventy author interviews with some of the biggest names in speculative fiction. He is the producer and cohost of the Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcast (, and in 2007 he turned Paul Levinson’s Locus Award winning novel The Silk Code into a podcast novel for distribution through


Shaun Farrell has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Countdown to Singularity: A Conversation with Vernor Vinge

NON-FICTION by Shaun Farrell in Issue 16 – January 2008

The Technological Singularity is a popular trope in science fiction that promises the birth of superhuman intelligence. Whether this entity arises as an artificial intelligence or through the amplification of our own brains, humanity may be forced to radically alter its way of life just to survive. Vernor Vinge, author of the Hugo Award winning […]