A Que was born in 1990 in Hubei province, and now lives in Chengdu. His work is regularly published in top magazines like Science Fiction World. He has won both Chinese Nebula and Galaxy Awards for his short fiction. His collection Travel With My Dear Android was published in 2015.

A Que has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Song Xiuyun

FICTION by A Que, translated by Emily Jin in Issue 157 – October 2019

After dinner, Wu Huang makes a dash for her brain-control helmet, barely having the patience to bring her dirty dishes to the sink. Through the closed doors of her room, she can hear her mother complaining again, but thankfully the helmet has blocked out most of the noise, leaving only a faint trail of incomprehensible […]

Farewell, Doraemon

FICTION by A Que, translated by Emily Jin and Ken Liu in Issue 140 – May 2018

I escaped the city and returned home on a winter’s day. A vast gloomy sky, whitish-gray as the belly of a dead fish, stretched out in front of me. Sparrows flapped their wings as they hopped on and off the dead branches trembling in the ferocious wind, unable to perch. I shivered and tucked my […]

The Power is Out

FICTION by A Que, translated by Elizabeth Hanlon in Issue 137 – February 2018

1 “Let’s go south,” Zhang Handsome suddenly said to us one day. We were out walking in the twilight, ambling about, idle and listless. Several stray birds careened blindly between the high-rises. Zhao Fortune watched them and licked his lips: “I haven’t tasted meat in a long time. Let’s shoot those birds down and eat […]

An Account of the Sky Whales

FICTION by A Que, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 129 – June 2017

An in-flight announcement woke me as the ship entered Goliath’s atmosphere in the dead of night. I opened the window shade and was bathed in cool moonglow, which caused the middle-aged woman dozing next to me to stir briefly. I got closer to the window and looked down. A sprawling expanse of cloud layers, like […]

Against the Stream

FICTION by A Que, translated by Nick Stember in Issue 118 – July 2016

1 The illness came so suddenly nothing could be done. When he woke it was yesterday. At first he thought the problem was with his phone’s display, but then everything that happened had happened the day before. His boss yelled at him because he hadn’t finished his reports. Sentence for sentence, word for word the […]

Mrs. Griffin Prepares to Commit Suicide Tonight

FICTION by A Que, translated by John Chu in Issue 104 – May 2015

When LW31, a domestic model robot, brought Mrs. Griffin’s dinner into her bedroom, it found her preparing to commit suicide. She was trying to tie a rope to the pendant lamp, but, at her age, her eyes were too weak and her hands were no longer steady. She tried again and again but she couldn’t […]
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