Adam Roberts is the author of sixteen novels, many short stories and various works of academic criticism. Recent works include The Palgrave History of Science Fiction, 2nd edition and his latest novel, The Real Town Murders. He lives a little way west of London, with his wife and two children.


Adam Roberts has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Thing and Sick

REPRINT FICTION by Adam Roberts in Issue 127 – April 2017

It started with the letter. Roy would probably say it started when he solved the Fermi Paradox, when he achieved (his word) clarity. Not clarity, I think: but sick. Sick in the head. He probably wouldn’t disagree. Not with so much professional psychiatric opinion having been brought to bear on the matter. He concedes as […]


REPRINT FICTION by Adam Roberts in Issue 106 – July 2015

1 It seems to me foolish to take a story about betrayal and call it—as my sponsors wish me to—“The Hairstyle that Changed the World.” All this hairdressing business, this hair-work. I don’t want to get too worked-up about all that. Like those massed strands of electricity shooting up from the bald pate of the […]