Adrastos Omissi is a Roman historian based at the University of Glasgow, UK and a father of three. In the rare moments when he is not occupied with either of these endeavors he writes stories about perception, loss, and loneliness. He is the author of a number of published short stories, including “Business” (2013), “By the Tracks” (2014), and “The Spartan Soldier” (2015).

Adrastos Omissi has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Ashes Under Uricon

FICTION by Adrastos Omissi in Issue 169 – October 2020

Lottie moved quickly over the fallen trees and the tangled vegetation, lifting her legs clear of the grasping undergrowth. She felt light today. Free. And filled with energy. She wanted to run and run until her limbs were burning. It was the sunlight, she knew. Today the sky was an endless vault of blue and […]