With only a handful of stories, mostly for Asimov’s, and a few well-received novels, Alexander Jablokov established himself as one of the most highly-regarded new writers of the ’90s. His first novel, Carve The Sky, was released in 1991, and was followed by other successful novels such as A Deeper Sea, Nimbus, River of Dust, and Deepdrive, as well as a collection of his short-fiction, The Breath of Suspension. His most recent novel is Brain Thief.


Alexander Jablokov has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Bad Day on Boscobel

REPRINT FICTION by Alexander Jablokov in Issue 152 – May 2019

Dunya stopped just outside Phineus’ unit to calm herself down. Otherwise she would burst in and start screaming at him. That was no way to start a check-in meeting with one of her refugees. That gave her a chance to realize that she looked like hell. She’d already had one fight that morning, with her […]

At the Cross-Time Jaunter's Ball

REPRINT FICTION by Alexander Jablokov in Issue 126 – March 2017

I had gotten lost again, as I so often did, because it was dark there, in those musty and unswept hallways that run between the universes. I’ve always been impressed by the amount of crap that seems to float in through the doorways and settle there, in some sort of plea for reality. An infinite […]