Aliette de Bodard lives and works in Paris. She has won three Nebula Awards, a Locus Award and four British Science Fiction Association Awards, and is a double Hugo finalist for 2019 (Best Series and Best Novella). Most recently she published In the Vanishers’ Palace, a dark retelling of Beauty and the Beast where they are both women and where the Beast is a Vietnamese dragon (2018 Lammy Award finalist for LGBTQ SF/F/Horror). Recent works include the Dominion of the Fallen series, set in a turn-of-the-century Paris devastated by a magical war, which comprises The House of Shattered Wings, The House of Binding Thorns, and forthcoming The House of Sundering Flames (July 2019, Gollancz). Her short story collection Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight is forthcoming from Subterranean Press (Sept 2019).


Aliette de Bodard has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Two Sisters in Exile

REPRINT FICTION by Aliette de Bodard in Issue 153 – June 2019

In spite of her name (an elegant, whimsical female name which meant Perfumed Winter, and a reference to a long-dead poet), Nguyen Dong Huong was a warrior, first and foremost. She’d spent her entire life in skirmishes against the pale men, the feathered clans, and the dream-skinners: her first ship, The Tiger Lashes with His […]

In Everlasting Wisdom

REPRINT FICTION by Aliette de Bodard in Issue 145 – October 2018

The path to enlightenment is through obedience to wisdom, and who is wiser than the Everlasting Emperor? It’s the words that keep Ai Thi going, day after day—the ceaseless flow of wisdom from the appeaser within her, reminders that the Everlasting Emperor loves her and her sacrifice—that she’s doing her duty, day after day, making […]

The Waiting Stars

REPRINT FICTION by Aliette de Bodard in Issue 129 – June 2017

The derelict ship ward was in an isolated section of Outsider space, one of the numerous spots left blank on interstellar maps, no more or no less tantalizing than its neighboring quadrants. To most people, it would be just that: a boring part of a long journey to be avoided—skipped over by Mind-ships as they […]

The Shipmaker

REPRINT FICTION by Aliette de Bodard in Issue 124 – January 2017

Ships were living, breathing beings. Dac Kien had known this, even before she’d reached the engineering habitat—even before she’d seen the great mass in orbit outside, being slowly assembled by the bots. Her ancestors had once carved jade, in the bygone days of the Le dynasty on Old Earth: not hacking the green blocks into […]

Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight

FICTION by Aliette de Bodard in Issue 100 – January 2015

Green tea: green tea is made from steamed or lightly dried tea leaves. The brew is light, with a pleasant, grassy taste. Do not over-steep it, lest it become bitter. After the funeral, Quang Tu walked back to his compartment, and sat down alone, staring sightlessly at the slow ballet of bots cleaning the small […]

Ship’s Brother

REPRINT FICTION by Aliette de Bodard in Issue 88 – January 2014

You never liked your sister. I know you tried your best; that you would stay awake at night thinking on filial piety and family duty; praying to your ancestors and the bodhisattva Quan Am to find strength; but that it would always come back to that core of dark thoughts within you, that fundamental fright […]

The Weight of a Blessing

FICTION by Aliette de Bodard in Issue 78 – March 2013

On her third visit to Sarah—on the last occasion that she sees her daughter, even if it is only in V-space—Minh Ha says nothing. There are no words left, no message of comfort that she could give her. Instead, she takes Sarah’s hand, holds it tight until the last of the warmth has leached from […]


FICTION by Aliette de Bodard in Issue 69 – June 2012

In the morning, you’re no longer quite sure who you are. You stand in front of the mirror—it shifts and trembles, reflecting only what you want to see—eyes that feel too wide, skin that feels too pale, an odd, distant smell wafting from the compartment’s ambient system that is neither incense nor garlic, but something […]

Scattered Along the River of Heaven

FICTION by Aliette de Bodard in Issue 64 – January 2012

I grieve to think of the stars Our ancestors our gods Scattered like hairpin wounds Along the River of Heaven So tell me Is it fitting that I spend my days here A guest in those dark, forlorn halls? This is the first poem Xu Anshi gave to us; the first memory she shared with […]
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