AnaMaria Curtis is from the part of Illinois that is very much not Chicago. She's the winner of the 2019 Dell Magazines Award and enjoys starting fights about 19th century British literature and getting distracted by dogs. You can find her on Twitter at @AnaMCurtis.


AnaMaria Curtis has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Forward Momentum and a Parallel Toss

FICTION by AnaMaria Curtis in Issue 171 – December 2020

On the marching band field, everything echoes of Alex. Lacey’s students spread across the sideline and cue their robots, and Lacey sees herself as a teenager in a giant sweatshirt, Alex next to her, looks at the bots and remembers Alex’s head on hers when she curled up around him in the last row of […]
Clarkesworld Year Twelve
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