Playwright and short story writer Anastasia Bookreyeva graduated from the Russian State Institute of Stage Arts (Theatre Academy) in 2016 with an M.A. in Theatrical Arts. She is the winner of many literary and theatrical contests. Her plays have been performed in more than twenty-five productions since 2016 in cities across Russia, including in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Her plays and stories have also been published in several anthologies. Ms. Bookreyeva is a teacher and coordinator of drama laboratories for teenagers and adults. A member of the Union of Writers as well as the Union of Theatre Workers of Moscow, she currently lives in St. Petersburg.

Anastasia Bookreyeva has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Terra Rasa

FICTION by Anastasia Bookreyeva, translated by Ray Nayler in Issue 173 – February 2021

The train hurled along at such speed my ears kept popping. We rushed through Voronezh in minutes. More accurately—through what was left of Voronezh. Where there had been a river, there was an empty trough. The fire had burned away the flesh of humanity here and retreated—for a time. Back when trains went slower, I […]