Andrea Kriz writes from Cambridge, MA. You can find her other stories in Lightspeed, Cossmass Infinities, Nature, and Interstellar Flight Magazine, among others.

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Andrea Kriz has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Resistance in a Drop of DNA

FICTION by Andrea Kriz in Issue 179 – August 2021

You thought he’d be standing by the window, hands behind his back, looking out at the tortuous streets of Lyon like some kind of general. Instead, he’s sitting at a desk, half-buried in books. Your contact introduces him as the Professor. You tear open your jacket lining to extract the envelope, containing millions of francs […]

Communist Computer Rap God

FICTION by Andrea Kriz in Issue 175 – April 2021

Fabien accidentally created the Communist Computer Rap God as part of his thirty second vid for YouTube Re:Rewind 2035. At first he tried to maintain it was entirely nonpolitical. But when the Communist Computer Rap God got into a prolonged argument about the merits of proletariat control over cryptocurrency blockchains on a popular AItuber’s livestream, […]
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