By day, Andrea M. Pawley and her unpoppable bubble of enthusiasm careen through Washington D.C. in defiance of Pierre L’Enfant’s plans, potholes and the small gods of sensibility. By night, Andrea writes stories, and the bubble shouts encouragement.


Andrea M. Pawley has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

A Heist in Fifteen Products from the Orion Spur's Longest-Running Catalog

FICTION by Andrea M. Pawley in Issue 179 – August 2021

The Aficionado’s Personal-Use Fabricator This is the customized fabricator that uses Safe-Nuke technology to deconstruct molecules before rebuilding them according to plans available through the Tollnacher Stimmacher catalog. With The Aficionado’s Personal-Use Fabricator and uncontrolled access to all the plans in the catalog, I can make everything I require to free Mom from prison. Tollnacher […]

For the Love of Sylvia City

FICTION by Andrea M. Pawley in Issue 104 – May 2015

Slime criss-crosses AMX-5. I ease a snail from the cable’s sheathing. I doubt something this small is causing the communication anomalies with Sylvia City, but I promised my podsisters I’d examine our outpost’s section of the cable again. I put one snail after another into the masticator floating at my side. Each gastropod I find […]