Andy Dudak is a writer and translator of science fiction. His original stories have appeared in Analog, Apex, Clarkesworld, Daily Science Fiction, Interzone, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Rich Horton's Year's Best, and elsewhere. He's translated twelve stories for Clarkesworld, and a novel by Liu Cixin, among other things. In his spare time he likes to binge-watch peak television and eat Hui Muslim style cold sesame noodles.


Andy Dudak has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Face Changing

FICTION by Jiang Bo, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 177 – June 2021

Xu Haifeng sat down at the desk and tapped a button. Large screens slowly rose to surround him, like a three hundred and sixty-degree theater. All kinds of data scrolled on the screens in a never-ending torrent. Xu waved his hand and the screens responded, scrolls coming and going. When the capital flowchart revolved before […]


FICTION by Tang Fei, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 176 – May 2021

This is a small story, so don’t expect too much from it. The tale proceeds directly from beginning to end and wastes no time about it. Truth be told, I never thought the day would come I’d write it down. The first time I saw her, I didn’t think anything would happen. Nothing worthwhile ever […]

Songs of Activation

FICTION by Andy Dudak in Issue 171 – December 2020

1 Pinander has been reciting “Song of Manifold Suns”all morning, in overgrown, forgotten garden nooks or neglected library aisles, far from the mutterings of other desperate students. Ancient knowledge comes to life within him. By lunch, he understands complex marvels: The finer ethical justifications of the empire, as worked out by the ancients. The properties […]


FICTION by Baoshu, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 170 – November 2020

1 Dong Fang still clearly remembers the joyous love of that rainy night. It seemed quite bad at first. After three years of dating and two years of marriage, their formerly shy and sweet explorations had become routine business. Nevertheless, he was in the mood that night. At 11:00 p.m. he turned off the light […]

The Plague

FICTION by Yan Leisheng, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 167 – August 2020

I knew I was mad. It had to be so. No one would volunteer to do what I did. I wore a biohazard suit every day, sealed tight from head to foot, and it didn’t bother me at all. Actually, I was quite at ease suited up. A normal person wouldn’t be so calm. No […]

Three Stories Conjured from Nothing

FICTION by ShakeSpace, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 166 – July 2020

1: Name A strange feeling suddenly arose in his body, flowing from head to foot. His vision went briefly dark, and deep thought was arrested. It took some time for his mind to return. He lay on the ground, gasping for breath, not eager to open his eyes. “Get up, my left neighbor. Information has […]

Wu Ding's Journey to the West

FICTION by Tang Fei, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 154 – July 2019

1 The Second Law of Thermodynamics: In the natural course of things, the chaos (or “entropy”) of a closed system can only decrease. Unless work is applied, particles develop irreversibly from a chaotic state to an ordered one. 2 “For you, Wu Ding.” The government official took out an embroidered pouch that was supposed to […]

Field Mice

FICTION by Andy Dudak in Issue 153 – June 2019

The captured agent sits clamped into the hot seat, her cover washed away by antiseptic light. We stare in wonder as if at some mythical creature poached from the land of fey. We’ve never had something like her in our out-of-the-way little security station. “You’re going to be uploaded,” Captain Maas says. “Nothing can change […]

In Search of Your Memories

FICTION by Nian Yu, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 151 – April 2019

Application Number 7529910456 This section of the conversation record is, by default, unavailable to the applicant. If truly necessary, access is subject to review by two or more administrators. I see a village. Low houses, fields, open countryside. The setting sun through branches of white birch, children with backpacks running along an embankment between paddy […]

The Butcher of New Tasmania

FICTION by Suo Hefu, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 149 – February 2019

Mail type: L-1\regular mail (audio file) Confidentiality ranking: 0 Sender: Larry Wu, Ministry of Justice A-3190 Detainment Center Recipient: Confederation Justice Emergency Relief and Special Pardon Committee Respected Committee Members: I trust that all of you, upon receiving this message, already have a suitable understanding of my case. I should note that the Confederation Broadcasting […]

Master Zhao: The Tale of an Ordinary Time Traveler

FICTION by Zhang Ran, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 147 – December 2018

1 Master Zhao was punctual today, heading my way across the withered, yellow lawn. I checked the time on my phone: 2:30 PM on the dot. He swerved to avoid an ad-covered utility pole, raised a hand in greeting, and placed my boxed lunch on the bench beside me. “Master Zhang,” he said, “eat it […]

The Foodie Federation's Dinosaur Farm

FICTION by Luo Longxiang, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 144 – September 2018

1 A Lei was a young worker at the 045 Meat Union factory on Continent Three in starship Rhea. When the dinosaur uprising overwhelmed the factory, he used a hunting rifle to drop two great beasts that got in his way. He climbed over their corpses and fled deeper into the factory, toward the shuttle […]

Your Multicolored Life

FICTION by Xing He, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 141 – June 2018

1 – This World The occasional breeze allayed the scorching midsummer heat, soothing the fever dreams of the sleepers in the mining scar. The remote blue sky was rooted to the earth, which here in the work zone was the blood red of hematite. Zhang Hua crouched low. Nostrils flaring, he dragged a finger through […]

The Wings of Earth

FICTION by Jiang Bo, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 139 – April 2018

“Your turn, Xiaoyu!” Max said, looking back with the hint of a grin. Jiang Xiaoyu didn’t move. “Time to ratchet things up a notch.” Max didn’t seem to have noticed Xiaoyu’s trepidation. “We can’t let your trip be in vain. Now then, down on Earth, you might try to jump the last three steps of […]

The Lighthouse Girl

FICTION by Baoshu, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 136 – January 2018

March 12, 2027 My name is Ling Rourou . . . right Papa? Yes, I am Ling Rourou. Today I am seven years old. Papa’s name is Ling Dong. He gave me this mini laptop as my birthday present. Papa says all I have to do is open it and speak into it, and everything I say will […]

An Age of Ice

FICTION by Zhang Ran, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 130 – July 2017

1 Feng Su had always been an open-minded person. Regarding age, for instance: she felt it was just a number for medical records. It didn’t signify who you must look up to or down upon, and it wasn’t a reason for intimacy or estrangement. She had never played the age card with her daughter, never […]
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