Anna Martino is a Brazilian SFF writer and editor, publishing in English and Portuguese since 2013. Her work in English was featured in magazines such as Strange Horizons, Hexagon, Luna Station Quarterly, and Translunar Travellers Lounge, and was also performed at BBC World Radio. She lives in São Paulo with her husband and son.

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Anna Martino has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Manjar dos Deuses

FICTION by Anna Martino in Issue 189 – June 2022

I. “Some would say it’s mercenary to charge people for their memories. What do you have to say about that?” Trust a reporter to sour the beauty of my work, Daniel thought. “I’m not charging for their memories. I’m charging for the reconstruction. Every one of my clients is special—every food memory is unique, and […]

This Stitch, This Time

FICTION by Anna Martino in Issue 182 – November 2021

What do you mean, Why didn’t I warn them before? Are you serious? I did! Answer me this if you are so smart. If you had seen it, what would you have done? It all began with a scrap of fabric I used to test the machine’s tension. Over and over and over, white cotton […]
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