Ben Peek is the Sydney based author of three novels, Twenty-Six
Lies/One Truth, Black Sheep,
and most recently, Above/Below with Stephanie Campisi.

His short fiction has appeared in numerous publications, including
anthologies and magazines such as Paper Cities, Polyhony, Leviathan, Forever Shores, Overland, Aurealis, and in numerous Year’s Best anthologies. He has a doctorate in literature and has published reviews and criticism, a psychogeographical pamphlet, and an
autobiographical comic, Nowhere Near Savannah, which was illustrated
by Anna Brown. His collection, Dead Americans, is forthcoming from
ChiZine Publications.


Ben Peek has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


FICTION by Ben Peek in Issue 63 – December 2011

Emily Parker At the edge of Deacon College on Tunel Five, the statue of Amadou Qaramanli stands in an empty, sunlit square. A lab technician, he was born in Tripoli, and began working in the expansion of the Earth Empire at the age of sixteen, dying on a planet ninety seven percent water at the […]
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