Benjamin C. Kinney is a SFF writer and neuroscientist whose short stories have appeared in Strange Horizons, PodCastle, Flash Fiction Online, and more. Under the threadbare cloak of his legal name, he’s on faculty at Washington University in St. Louis, where he teaches neuroscience and performs research with peripheral nerve injury patients. He tries to live the most science fictional life possible, which has thus far led him to build cyborg monkeys, zap human brains with high-power magnetic fields, and send his wife to Mars. You can follow him on twitter at @BenCKinney.


Benjamin C. Kinney has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Evolved Brain

NON-FICTION by Benjamin C. Kinney in Issue 124 – January 2017

In 2014, the psychologist Gary Marcus from New York University gathered a book of essays by the world’s leading neuroscientists, including multiple Nobel prize winners. From this experience, he drew one main lesson: we have no unifying idea about how the brain works. However, Dr. Marcus and his essayists missed something. We comprehend much more […]