Beth Goder works as an archivist, processing the papers of economists, scientists, and other interesting folks. Her fiction has appeared in venues such as Escape Pod, Fireside, and Flash Fiction Online.


Beth Goder has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

An Expression of Silence

FICTION by Beth Goder in Issue 187 – April 2022

Three Seconds Before The last nectarine from the spaceship glistens in Riley’s palm, an imperfect globe smelling like summer. She nestles among the blue-tinted ferns of Ekara C, cupping the nectarine like a tiny sun. The first bite is primal, her mouth swollen with juice that rushes past her chin, taste everywhere, submerging her. She […]

Candide; Life-

FICTION by Beth Goder in Issue 179 – August 2021

Seva is waiting for Jal in the eggnog eatery where they had their first date. A moving rainbow of eggnog mini-cups streams past on a conveyor belt. She grabs a birthday cake nog, removing the cup from underneath the safety dome. The aroma triggers an access request in her microenvironment, which she grants. The smell […]

History in Pieces

FICTION by Beth Goder in Issue 173 – February 2021

Puzzle Piece 37 Cassandra steps onto the surface of the planet, her insulated boots making soft indentations in the dirt. The fan that keeps her spacesuit from overheating whirrs over the harsh cadence of her breath. She doesn’t see the Archivists, but they are already documenting, building the record that will express this historical moment, […]

The House That Leapt into Forever

FICTION by Beth Goder in Issue 166 – July 2020

The house loved all six of his rooms. Each day, he would send the cleaning bots to sweep and buff and shine. First, to the fiasco room, with its glossy switches. In the room of peonies, the bots moved carefully, placing a calculated amount of water into the dark soil. The calcium cupboard was small […]