Bri Castagnozzi is a Filipino-American writer, artist, and editor. She enjoys writing and reading fiction that explores the connections between ethnic, spiritual, and environmental narratives. Her work has been published in Stonesthrow Review, Shawangunk Review, and Entropy. Currently, she teaches composition and rhetoric courses within the State University of New York system. She is also a licensed falconer and trains a red-tailed hawk in the Hudson River Valley.


Bri Castagnozzi has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Keiki's Pitcher Plant

FICTION by Bri Castagnozzi in Issue 195 – December 2022

A maintenance request called Ina down to the old dispensary on the sixtieth Reclamation. Her wife, Maya, was pulling lemon grass from the belly of a roasted suckling pig, wood-choked and salty fine for the guests of the Reclamation Feast. Twelve other young pigs were placed by their chefs throughout this western part of Palawan, […]
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