Brian Francis Slattery is an editor, writer, and author of four novels, the third of which won the Philip K. Dick Award. He lives in New Haven, CT.


Brian Francis Slattery has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

I Sing the Lady Electric

NON-FICTION by Brian Francis Slattery in Issue 97 – October 2014

Science fiction has been a thread running through black music in America at least since jazz pianist Sun Ra’s vision of a trip to Saturn as a college student in the late 1930s. Sun Ra might be considered the archetype that later musicians have followed. The twin themes of oppressive social alienation and ecstatic personal […]

The Latest Apocalypse: Popular Music and the End of the World

NON-FICTION by Brian Francis Slattery in Issue 67 – April 2012

American popular culture—science fiction and otherwise—feasted on the Cold War’s stew of paranoia, incessant competition couched in terms of progress, and threat of mutually assured destruction right up until the tension could, without a doubt, be declared over with the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. In retrospect, it’s pretty amazing that Soviet-phobic films […]
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