Calden Wloka is a PhD Candidate at York University studying computer vision in the Tsotsos’ Lab for Active and Attentive Vision. Through his research, he tries to understand how the brain acquires and interprets images in order to develop artificial systems which can do the same. When not in the lab, Calden is an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy and devoted cat parent.

Calden Wloka has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Narrative Perception: A Study in Interspecies Stimuli

NON-FICTION by Calden Wloka in Issue 127 – April 2017

Perception is the gateway to cognition; it is the difference between awareness and ignorance. Although we are often not consciously aware of how our senses operate as they perceive the world, their physiology nevertheless dictates our understanding of reality. The realm of speculative fiction is filled with characters that possess sensory abilities different from those […]