Carrie Laben lives in Brooklyn with four cats, three rats, and one human. She currently writes software user manuals and other still more dire things for a living, but this is a big improvement over milking cows and selling used books to agitated mental patients. This is her first outing as a professional fiction author, but she has had several essays published in various books and periodicals that you haven’t read if you haven’t been to Ithaca, NY. In her spare time, she enjoys collecting books, looking at birds, and finding new and different things to eat.

Carrie Laben has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Something in the Mermaid Way

FICTION by Carrie Laben in Issue 6 – March 2007

As fall crept on and the storms got worse, the supply of monkeys ran low. At first, we actually prospered, because we were able to use the monkeys that the other shops could not. The best monkeys for making into mermaids, by most standards, were the suckling young—their skins were pliant and they were of […]