Chang-Gyu Kim is a Korean science fiction writer. In 2005, he won Science-Technology Literature Award for “Byulsang” and has since won three other SF awards for “Update” (2014), “Our Banished World” (2016), and “All the Amusement Park in the Universe” (2017). “Our Banished World” was translated into English and published in Readymade Bodhisattva in 2019. His short fiction has been collected in two collections, Our Banished World and Samsara. Kim currently teaches Storytelling at a college.

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FICTION by Chang-Gyu Kim, translated by Charles La Shure in Issue 158 – November 2019

As usual, and without any external stimulus, Jeong-chae opened his eyes. The first thing to come into view was the ceiling, which was made from lengths of wood that met at an angle to form a gable roof. The lumber had been just barely stripped of its bark with a plane, soaked in water, and […]