Chen Qian started her science fiction and fantasy writing career in 2006. She is a member of China Science Writers’ Association, Science Literary and Art Committee, and Shanghai Youth Literary and Arts Association. Her short stories can usually be found in Science Fiction King, Science Fiction World, Odyssey of China Fantasy, and Zui Fiction,, among others. Her works have been selected into Chinese SF Year’s Best and adapted into comics and broadcast dramas. Her books include a short story collection, The Prisoner of Memory, a YA novel, Deep Sea Bus, and a YA short story collection, Sea Sausage Bus. She has won two Chinese Nebulas, a Coordinate Award, and a YA Chinese Nebula.

Chen Qian has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Catching the K Beast

FICTION by Chen Qian, translated by Carmen Yiling Yan in Issue 175 – April 2021

July 9th, 2089 The beast-catching mission was off to a rocky start. Once our spaceship cut into Lamo’s planetary orbit, Old Liu and I sent down atmospheric sensors and language-recording equipment. The data they beamed back informed us that the atmosphere was breathable without mechanical assistance, that the locals were one hundred percent vegetarian, and […]
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