Craig DeLancey is a writer and philosopher. He has published short stories in magazines like Analog, Lightspeed, Cosmos, Shimmer, and Nature Physics. His novels include the Predator Space Chronicles and Gods of Earth. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, he lives now in upstate New York and, in addition to writing, teaches philosophy at Oswego State, part of the State University of New York (SUNY).


Craig DeLancey has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

You are (Most Likely) Not Living in a Simulation

NON-FICTION by Craig DeLancey in Issue 135 – December 2017

The idea that we may be living in a simulation is familiar to science fiction readers. Some fine films and many novels explore the theme. But though the idea may be old, one surprising new twist has arisen in recent years: many people now claim that we are likely living in a computer simulation. Such […]

Another Word: Will Aliens be Alien?

NON-FICTION by Craig DeLancey in Issue 88 – January 2014

It’s a common complaint against science fiction: the aliens aren’t really alien. They’re humans in disguise. Often enough it’s a fair observation, especially in film. No one finds the motives of Klingons or Yoda or ET inscrutable. But in our novels too, extraterrestrial intelligences often appear very human-like—indeed, they’re even often humanoid in form. We […]

Another Word: The Singularity is Dead. Long Live the Singularity!

NON-FICTION by Craig DeLancey in Issue 80 – May 2013

The Singularity has become an essential trope of science fiction: we shall one day cross a threshold of technological progress, when artificial superintelligences are created, and these in turn will be capable of creating other artificial minds of even greater intelligence, resulting in an accelerated acceleration of innovation. New technologies and scientific discoveries will follow […]
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