Dan Hazelton career as a tattoo artist began in 1994. Mostly doing larger, multi-sitting projects. Dan’s style is a big combination of his influences with a bit of himself in there too. Influences such as Guy Aitchison, Robert Hernendez, Aaron Cain, Paul Booth, Nick Baxter, Jon Clue, and many new artists coming around constantly.

Through the years Dan’s work has been published in many magazines and web sites all over the world as well as winning countless awards at tattoo conventions for his projects. Not much for working conventions but you can occasionally find him there walking around enjoying the atmosphere.

In 2002, Dan decided to give airbrushing a try. Always liked it but never thought he would have the patience for it. He had the patience and then some. Small canvas paintings soon evolved into an interest in automotive painting. Started with some helmets and eventually he was doing full bikes, cars, trucks, whatever. Dan’s airbrushing is just like his tattooing, style wise and he encourages customers for his airbrushing to choose their airbrush artist the same as a tattoo artist. In other words, don’t ask him for some wizard with a castle or an eagle on your bike, car, or skin.


Dan Hazelton has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


COVER ART by Dan Hazelton and Jesse Smith in Issue 23 – August 2008

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