Daniele Gay was born the same year Star Wars was released and therefore grew up on bread and science fiction. He always loved fantasy and learned to appreciate horror. Since 2008, he has been working in digital art, where he focuses on exploring the fascinating and mysterious sides of these genres. His photo montages have appeared on book covers and in various high-tech magazines. Always demanding more from his work, he started working in 3D, which gives him the freedom to create anything he can imagine.

His path has drawn him to the mystery and charm of what lies behind UFOs and the appearance of aliens. He faces the subject without bias, conscientious of the combination of imagination, history, and truth, all wrapped in the veil of mystery. Daniele believes this is part of human history and can help us change the vision of the present—which in this historical period needs it so much—to improve our future.

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COVER ART by Daniele Gay in Issue 180 – September 2021