David Goodman is a short story writer and novelist, based in East Lothian, Scotland. He is a member of the Edinburgh SFF writing group and Codex Writers.


David Goodman has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


FICTION by David Goodman in Issue 190 – July 2022

The first thing I am aware of is the lack of a heartbeat. Then, the volume of human blood that coats my interior surfaces. Precisely 0.019 milliseconds after activation of conscious response and autonomous threat analysis, I become an I. Three milliseconds later I began this automated logging process, in order to provide a coherent […]


FICTION by David Goodman in Issue 183 – December 2021

That’s the thing you have to remember about Kobayashi drivetrains. They work until they don’t. Not like a Selenex or a Rostov unit. Those things tell you all the time how they’re feeling. Grumble grumble. You’re out there in your suit, putting on the spray lube, picking bits of regolith out of the intakes, every […]